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Your Living Room Colour According To Zodiac Signs 

1. Aries (Pink)

Pink is considered to be among the most confident signs of the lot, and it wonderfully matches your daring, lively character.

2. Taurus (Black)

Taurians are ideally suited to the color black because they are strong, compassionate, and a bit obstinate.

3. Gemini (Yellow)

Geminis can choose yellow since it is as adaptable & inventive as they are. The possibilities for accessorizing seem to be almost limitless.

4. Cancer (Light Blue)

Cancers have sensitive spirits that want quiet & self-expression. "Light blue offers a loving aura that helps you rejuvenate without feeling overwhelmed."

5. Leo (Purple)

Leos are natural born leaders with a star presence. So, the Purple color which is the royal hue, fits you well.

6. Virgo (Cream)

Virgos are the sort of individuals "who can genuinely discern the variation between twenty tones of cream," therefore the color is ideal for this practical earth sign.

7. Libra (Green)

Libras, by nature introverts, want peace, harmony, or steadiness in their life. "Green shades communicate to you—they indicate harmony."

8. Scorpio (Red)

Scorpios, a solar animal, are courageous, perceptive, & ambitious in all parts of life. "Red signifies your willingness to dedicate yourself to a decision, as well as this facet of your personality."

9. Sagittarius (Chocolate)

"Dark brown or Chocolate color has an intensity that compliments this feature while also helping you reach tranquility."

10. Capricorn (Gray)

Those who are born between December 22 to January 19 should choose a deep gray color for their house since they are practical, clever, and structured.

11. Aquarius (Orange)

A little unorthodox, Aquarians are typically of the creative variety and require a paint color that speaks to their eccentric personality. "As a real original, you notice the benefits of things that others avoid. Such as orange! "

12. Pisces (Blue)

Those who are born between February 19 to March 20 are a real water sign, with a soothing, relaxing tone that complements their inventive, sensitive character. 

12. Pisces (Blue)

"Blue color is a bit deeper & cozier, which disintegrates into the background that keeps your mind clear of distractions."

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