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Why I Love You And You Mean the World to Me

You make me happy.
I adore your character.
You're always there for me.

You are hilarious.
Despite my imperfections, you still adore me.
You're a kind person.

You're very kind.
You always look out for me.
Despite your busy schedule, you make an effort to spend time with me.

You give me a forehead kiss and reassure me.
Every time I need you, you give me a warm hug.

Even when I feel down, you make me grin.
I admire your intelligence and wit.
You are the funniest person.

Every time you make a silly face, you make me smile.
You prepare my favourite meals.
You comfort me with songs.

You and I dance.
You perform some of my favourites.
You are skilled at salvaging a terrible day.

You are a good person.
I'm happy for you.
You put forth a lot of effort and motivate me to improve myself.

You allow me to be who I am with you.
You look after me when I'm ill.

I adore how you handle my outbursts.
You always explain to me why you think highly of me.
You give me your full attention.

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