Nicest to the Meanest Zodiac Sign

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The most pleasant sign of the zodiac is Libra. They work extremely hard to be kind to everyone.


They are the ones who keep things in balance and always keep things peaceful. Because they are always polite to their team members and strive to uphold equality for all, they are excellent leaders.


Pisceans enjoy being kind to others because they believe it makes them look good in their eyes. Not only are they kind, but they are also selfless and eager to assist others in need.


Being negative irritates them because it confuses them. As a result, they always choose to think positively and treat others with kindness.


Taureans are kind and considerate, yet they are also exceedingly patient with everyone and everything. In a store, they will hold open the entrance for you, assist you with your luggage, and let you go ahead of others.


In addition to being kind, Aquarians are also quite sociable. They desire to interact with others and build relationships with them. They wish to be their pals and like making new acquaintances.


Those that are Sagittarian work very hard to be kind to others. They are independent, free-spirited individuals who prefer to handle things on their own.


They avoid talking about anything nasty or unfavourable. People should feel loved, according to them.


Depending on their attitude, Gemini can be incredibly sweet or quite harsh. They become bored quickly with anything.


There is therefore an opportunity to observe their harsh behaviour while they are weak. Nonetheless, they will be the friendliest person when they are having fun.


Although they depend again on their mood, Cancerians are incredibly kind people. They tend to treat others extremely rudely when they are hurt, angry, or frustrated. Other than that, these folks are sentimental and sensitive.


Leos enjoy being in the spotlight and acting nicely. Being attention seekers, they will do all in their power to capture everyone's attention with their charming behaviour. However, they have good intentions.


Virgos can be quite cruel people. Due to their dislike of confrontation, individuals may even exhibit passive aggression. Being kind entails dismissing all of life's stress and focusing on how they feel. If you treat them well, they won't pay attention to anything about you.


Aries individuals think that holding thoughts in one's mind is bad. Hence, they won't care what you think; they'll tell you anything and everything. They are viewed as having a fiery personality because of this. Furthermore, Aries folks are not scared to start a battle.


More frequently, Capricorns are rude. People might actually go insane because of the way they express their feelings. They have a very hot temper, which is why they may come off as rageful.


The cruellest zodiac signs are scorpions. If they are unhappy with you, they will show it to you in their behaviour. They won't give it a second thought before disregarding you.


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