Mentally Weak People's Habits

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Those who are mentally weak avoid problems. They shun tough activities and seek solace on their own.


They are insecure and continually question their talents. As a result, their potential is limited.


They readily confess defeat and quit because they lack self - confidence in themselves when faced with adversity.


People are readily swayed by others. They are unable to create their own thoughts and are readily affected by the opinions of others.


Mentally weak individuals obsess over previous errors. They wreak havoc on their future as well as their present by resurrecting negativity from their past.


They are unable to communicate their feelings and struggle to confront their emotions, mood swings, and impulsive behavior.

Emotional regulation

People are terrified of change because they are fearful of not adjusting to it. They strive to fight it.


They perceive themselves as victims and hold themselves responsible for their troubles. They are having problems accepting responsibility for their conduct.

Victim mentality

They are often disheartened and find it difficult to recover from failure. People prefer to concentrate on their flaws rather than their virtues.


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