How Each Zodiac Sign Acts When They Have A Crush

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Whenever you encounter someone who piques your curiosity, you fall hard and fast. When they reciprocate, which is occasionally an issue, the spark sometimes goes out as quickly as it came on.


When it comes to romance, you never want to hurry things along because you always want to go the distance. In fact, you tend to dig in your heels when someone moves too swiftly.


You typically approach your interests with conscious purpose. Your unwavering effort and appealing personality certainly make it impossible for your crush to resist you.


You're always looking for connections that will keep your mind active and your body alert. You appreciate when your crushes joke around sarcastically, and you have a tendency to be somewhat playful with them.


Your middle name means emotional openness. You frequently satisfy your crush's needs, give them space to express their emotions, and check in on them.


As long as you *obviously* get the same effort in return, you have no problem complimenting and attending to someone you admire.


You don't get crushes very often, but when you do, you want to help that person out as much as you can. When you like someone, you concentrate on demonstrating your helpful side


since you're always looking for ways to be of service to the individuals you care about. You also have a keen eye for detail and can recall every single detail about your crush.


You come out as amiable, relatable, and empathetic, and prospective partners typically value your outgoing nature.


When you decide it's time to start talking, you take it very seriously. So much so that if the relationship doesn't work out, it could take you a while to move on.


When you have a crush on someone, you could ask them along on last-minute road trips or late-night drives around the neighbourhood.


When you have a crush, you often approach it in a much more subdued way, thus you might not instantly make your intentions known.


You have a tendency to be cool, calm, and collected, and this is no different when you like someone.


You are exceedingly selfless and generous with your time, effort, and energy when you are interested in someone.

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