Best U.S. National Parks

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Yosemite National Park, one of California's most popular national parks, is notable for its abundance of magnificent waterfalls, including Vernal Fall and Bridalveil Fall.


Yellowstone's 2.2 million-acre park could easily exist on its own for its distinctive natural attractions and diverse terrain even if it didn't have the amazing distinction of being the world's first national park.

GLACIER Park National

This national park, which spans two mountain ranges and has more than 700 lakes throughout Montana, is defined by water and mountains.

Big Canyon

You must see the Grand Canyon in person because it is so spectacular that even the best photographs cannot do the Arizona park's immense majesty justice.

ZION National PARK

Trek The Narrows, a 10-mile trip through the narrowest part of Zion Canyon, which compels hikers to travel upstream along the Virgin River, or hike Angels Landing, which gets you up through a nearly 1,500-foot natural staircase.

BRYCE Canyon National Park

The largest concentration of hoodoos in the world may be found at Bryce Canyon. Hoodoos are curiously shaped rock pillars that have survived erosion.

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