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20 Beverages to Serve at Your Mother’s Day Brunch

    20 Beverages to Serve at Your Mother's Day Brunch

    A handmade Mother’s Day breakfast is the best way to show your mom how much you care. What better way to say “Thank you for putting up with me” than with a well made brunch cocktail? Take this as your go-to recipe resource for non-alcoholic and alcoholic variations on the classic brunch beverage, the mimosa.

    1. Pitcher of Pisco and Grapefruit for Brunch

    This simple brunch cocktail gets its additional flavour from the ruby red and oro blanco grapefruits that go so well with the pisco. Grapefruit juice and zest are steeped in a simple syrup to intensify the fruity taste. Preparing the drink in bulk ahead of time eliminates last-minute stress (and can concentrate on waffle-making.)

    2. Bubbles with a hint of strawberry and mint

    Strawberries at this time of year have such a rich taste, we can’t get enough of them at the farmers’ markets. You may eat them as-is, top them with whipped cream, or use them in this easy effervescent cocktail prepared with sour lime juice, vibrant fresh mint, and a splash of vodka. When combined with club soda, this cocktail goes from being a jarringly sweet and sour drink to a refreshingly bubbly breakfast beverage.

    3. Medicinal Herbs for a Soused Pooch

    Making a Salty Dog, a popular brunch cocktail, is a breeze. This spin on gin with lime, grapefruit, and a dash of Maldon salt is a favourite of ours. However, if you and your mother are vodka fans, you’ll love this variation, which has a simple syrup scented with thyme for some extra taste.

    4. Ultimate Bloody Mary

    Make Mom the finest Bloody Mary ever if she like tried-and-true cocktails (and beverages with a savoury edge). Ours is bolstered by Worcestershire sauce and a touch of soy, and it’s given a kick with freshly grated horseradish (along with some cayenne and Frank’s hot sauce.) Make a huge quantity of the concoction and offer guests the option to customise their drinks with a variety of toppings, such as celery sticks, poached shrimp or smoked mussels, pickled vegetables, and bacon swizzle sticks.

    5. The Blur, a specialty drink.

    Brunch cocktails are nothing new, but Nopa in San Francisco’s version, which features herbal Green Chartreuse and sweet maraschino liqueur, adds a unique twist with its tangy lime flavour. The end product is less akin to a cocktail and more like a high-quality sparkling wine. You may save your money on Champagne and just get some Cava instead.

    6. An ice-filled glass with a kiwi cooler and a sprig of tarragon.

    When combined with your preferred gin and shaken, the sweet and sour kiwi and somewhat licorice taste of tarragon make for a delicious cocktail. The gin’s herbal undertones complement the tarragon’s taste, while the tang of the lime and soda give it an additional reviving kick. The convenience of just needing one bottle of alcohol and no special liqueurs eliminates the need for a second trip to the shop.

    7. A Sour with Honey and Marmalade

    Brunch often consists of scones and marmalade, but have you ever tried them with vodka? This drink, made brisk with fresh lemon and smoothed down with honey, is enhanced by the zesty substance, which has a bittersweet taste.

    8. Polaris

    Although elderflower liqueur lends cocktails a pleasant flowery note, it must be used sparingly to avoid overpowering other flavours. This one is a great example of how to pair St. Germain with other spirits; it has herbaceous gin, a dash of cognac, and the uplifting flavours of lemon and grapefruit juice.

    9. Cider with Grapefruit and Ginger

    The warm sweetness of ginger liqueur is well balanced by the somewhat bitter punch of grapefruit. The citrusy, bright, spicy, and fresh flavour of this drink is enhanced by the addition of a little bubbly, making it the ideal accompaniment to a traditional German pancake.

    10. Margarita made with fresh watermelon.

    The pink colour and tangy flavour of this margarita made with fresh fruit make it a real treat. Blend a large quantity of watermelon (preferably seedless) with a pinch of kosher salt to bring out the fruit’s natural sweetness and tanginess. The melon taste is enhanced with a splash of elderflower liqueur, and of course, you’ll also need some good tequila.

    11. Sparkling Crème Yvette and hard cider

    Looking to surprise Mom with a fresh experience? Crème Yvette, a liqueur based on violets that also has notes of flowers, berries, vanilla, citrus, and spices, would be a nice choice. It pairs well with carbonated beverages, like the hard cider used in this easy cocktail. The flowery and delicious Crème Yvette goes very well with the refreshing cider.

    12. A Bellini with Lychees

    Lychee, a fruit native to Southeast Asia that is both sweet and acidic like a pear or grape, is the star of this particular bellini. This drink would be extremely sweet without the addition of dry sparkling wine. Looking to maintain your dazzling momentum? You’ll find a couple different bellini iterations below.

    13. Tonic with Chamomile and Tangerine

    The white balsamic vinegar is the hidden component in this florally flavoured drink. Vinegar gives the chamomile-flavored gin and sweet tangerine juice an extra kick. This beverage’s foundation is pre-mixed and stored in a bottle until it’s time to serve. To cap things off, open a bottle of champagne.

    14. A refreshing Raspberry Spritz

    This spin on the traditional Spritz eliminates the need to strain out the seeds while retaining the fruit’s flavour. Simple raspberry syrup with a hint of mint will be combined with bittersweet Cocchi Americano and sparkling champagne. Mother may sip on this all day long since there is no hard liquor in it.

    15. Suze Cocktail, With Sparkling Waters

    \Saffron in colour, the French aperitif Elana Lepkowski Suze has a subtle bittersweet taste. With citrus and floral undertones, it’s a veritable cocktail in a bottle, but it really shines when combined with sparkling wine and a splash of elderflower liqueur.

    16. This is the Devereaux family.

    The addition of fresh lemon juice and elderflower liqueur to this fizzy bourbon cocktail makes it the ideal choice for a summertime brunch, even if not all bourbon beverages are designed for outdoor dining.

    17. Sangria with Lillet Rosé and Sparkling Grapefruit

    There’s nothing like a pitcher of seasonal sangria to set the mood when entertaining a large gathering. The French aperitif Lillet Rosé, which is flavoured with both sweet and bitter orange peel and fruit liqueurs, is used in this effervescent iteration. Both the grapefruit and the mint give a refreshing tang and a pleasant scent.

    18. Tisane of lavender and lemon balm

    Having a sober beverage alternative that isn’t coffee is a wonderful backup plan. With mint family member lemon balm and aromatic lavender, this iced tisane is an especially pleasant choice (leaves and all.)

    19. The Black Pepper Limeade

    When soaked in a sugar syrup, the lowly black peppercorn acquires a whole new flavour. Spicier and more nuanced than you may think. This delectable limeade has strong citrusy overtones of the pepper, which are brought out by the addition of freshly squeezed lime juice.

    20. A cup of Mint Shiso Tisane in the Fall from Giles

    This iced tisane goes above and beyond regular mint tea with its combination of mint and its cousin, the somewhat fennelly shiso. You may get shiso leaves in Asian grocery stores or even a farmers market.

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